"The Making of Immigrants into Criminals: Law, Enforcement, and the Media" featuring Professor Ingrid Eagly

January 24, 2019 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Megan Sweeney, chair of the UCLA Department of Sociology, invites all to attend "The Making of Immigrants into Criminals: Law, Enforcement, and the Media." UCLA Law Professor Ingrid Eagly, an expert on immigration law and criminal justice, will join in conversation with Cecilia Menjívar, the Dorothy L. Meier Chair in Social Equities at the UCLA Department of Sociology.

News media, some policy makers' speeches, and public discourse are filled with narratives and images that link immigrants and crime. This daily exposure may affect the public's attitudes toward immigration and immigrants. In this lecture, Professors Menjívar and Eagly discuss the process of immigrant criminalization through laws that target certain groups and behaviors and at the same time restrict access to legalization. The role of media is central in conveying to the public and to immigrants the content of policy makers' speeches, their enforcement plans, as well as images that cement the link between immigrants and crime.

The event is part of the department's Spotlight Sociology series. Reception to follow. Click here to RSVP.