Mapping Anti-CRT Politics

June 22, 2022 12:00 PM - 1:15 PM

Over the past two years, extremist conservatives have created an unwarranted moral panic around Critical Race Theory (CRT). Many of these anti-CRT conservative candidates for office, like Glenn Youngkin, have capitalized on the moral panic around CRT to win their elections. Recently identified trends from the CRT Forward Tracking Project data demonstrates a broader, more insidious connection between traditionally non-partisan school elections and the pervasiveness of the anti-CRT disinformation campaign. As primaries take place across the country, join panelists Cheryl Harris, Vice Dean for Community, Equality and Justice, Rosalinde and Arthur Gilbert Professor in Civil Rights and Civil Liberties, LaToya Baldwin Clark, Assistant Professor of Law, and Taifha Alexander, CRT Forward Project Director, in a discussion about the impact of the CRT disinformation campaign on local school board and state elections.