Faculty Profiles

Benjamin Nyblade

Benjamin Nyblade

Director, Empirical Research Group
B.A. Oberlin College, 1997
Ph.D. UC San Diego, 2004

Select Publications

Multiparty Government and Economic Policy-Making. Coalition Agreements, Prime Ministerial Power and Spending in Western European Cabinets (with Hanna Bäck and Wolfgang C. Müller), 170(1) Public Choice 33-62 (Jan. 2017).
Social Media Data and the Dynamics of Thai Protests (with Angela O’Mahony and Aim Sinpeng), 43 Asian Journal of Social Science 545-66 (2015).
Playing with Fire: Pre-Electoral Fiscal Manipulation and the Risk of a Speculative Attack (with Angela O’Mahony), 58(4) International Studies Quarterly 828-38 (Dec. 2014).
Migrants’ Remittances and Home Country Elections (with Angela O’Mahony), 49(1) Studies in Comparative International Development 44-66 (March 2014).
The Logic of Ministerial Selection: Electoral Systems and Cabinet Appointments in Japan (with Robert J. Pekkanen and Ellis S. Krauss), 17(1) Social Science Japan Journal 3-22 (Winter 2014).
Who Cheats? Who Loots? Political Competition and Corruption in Japan, 1947-1993 (with Steven R. Reed), 52(4) American Journal of Political Science 926-41 (Oct. 2008).
Electoral Incentives in Mixed Member Systems: Party, Posts and Zombie Politicians in Japan (with Robert J. Pekkanen and Ellis S. Krauss), 100(2) American Political Science Review 183-93 (May 2006).
"Presidentialization" in Japan? The Prime Minister, Media and Elections in Japan (with Ellis S. Krauss), 35(2) British Journal of Political Science 357-68 (April 2005).