Faculty Profiles

Christine Littleton

Christine A. Littleton

Professor of Law and Women's Studies Emerita
B.S. Pennsylvania State University, 1974
J.D. Harvard, 1982
UCLA Faculty Since 1983


In Whose Name? Feminist Legal Theory and the Experience of Women. Westview Press (2004).
EEO Update: Sexual Harassment: Employer Liability and “Hostile” Work Environment: A Discussion of Federal and California Laws (with Brian Hembacher). Institute of Industrial Relations, Univ. of California (1987).

Articles and Chapters

Review Essay: Thank You, You're Unwelcome, 19 Berkeley Women's Law Journal 150-69 (2004). Reviewing Directions in Sexual Harassment Law, by Catharine MacKinnon and Reva Siegal.
Review Essay: Whose Law Is This Anyway?, 95 Michigan Law Review 1560-77 (1997). Reviewing Gender and Law: Theory, Doctrine, Commentary, by Katharine T. Bartlett; Sex Discrimination and the Law: History, Practice, and Theory, 2nd ed. by Barbara Allen Babcock, Ann E. Freedman, et al.; Feminist Jurisprudence: Taking Women Seriously: Cases and Materials, by Mary Becker, Cynthia Grant Bowman, and Morrison Torrey; Women and the Law, by Mary Joe Frug; and Sex-based Discrimination, 4th ed., by Herma Hill Kay and Martha West.
Double and Nothing: Lesbian as Category, 7 UCLA Law Review 1-25 (1996).
Rethinking the Values of Work and Economic Measures of Costs and Benefits (with B. Friedan et al.), 37 American Behavioral Scientist 1074-89 (1994).
Dispelling Myths about Sexual Harassment: How the Senate Failed Twice, 65 Southern California Law Review 1419-29 (1992).
Does It Still Make Sense to Talk about “Women?, 1 UCLA Women’s Law Journal 15-52 (1991).
Q & A: Why a Women’s Law Journal?, 1 UCLA Women’s Law Journal 3-6 (1991).
Review Essay: Old Wine in Nude Skins, 69 Texas Law Review 497-513 (1990). Reviewing The New Politics of Pornography, by Donald A. Downs.
Due to Forces Beyond Our Control: The Failure of Equal Employment Opportunity Law, 51 Monograph and Research Series 84-91 (1989).
Review Essay: Feminist Jurisprudence: The Difference Method Makes, 41 Stanford Law Review 751-84 (1989). Reviewing Feminism Unmodified: Discourses on Life and Law, by Catharine A. MacKinnon.
Women’s Experience and the Problem of Transition: Perspectives on Male Battering of Women, 1989 University of Chicago Legal Forum 23-57 (1989).
Equality and Feminist Legal Theory, 48 University of Pittsburgh Law Review 1043-59 (1987).
Equality Across Difference: A Place for Rights Discourse? (Papers from the 1986 Feminism and Legal Theory Conference), 3 Wisconsin Women’s Law Journal 189-212 (1987).
In Search of a Feminist Jurisprudence, 10 Harvard Women’s Law Journal 1-7 (1987).
Reconstructing Sexual Equality, 75 California Law Review 1279-337 (1987).
Contributor, in Help Yourself: A Manual for Dealing with Sexual Harassment (edited by Mary T. Lebrato, Sexual Harassment in Employment Project of the California Commission on the Status of Women, 1986).
Review Essay, 7 Harvard Women’s Law Journal 323-32 (1984). Reviewing Terminal Degrees: The Job Crisis in Higher Education, by Emily K. Abel.
Toward a Redefinition of Sexual Equality, 95 Harvard Law Review 487-508 (1981).


Book Review, 2(4) Jurist, Books on Law (Apr. 1999). Reviewing Sex Wars Redux: Fear & Loathing in Massachusetts, by Daphne Patai.
Book Review, 17 Signs 852-54 (1992). Reviewing The Female Body and the Law, by Zillah R. Eisenstein.
Book Review, 40 Harvard Law Bulletin 32-33 (1989). Reviewing Surrogate Motherhood, by Martha A. Field.
Book Review, 5 Harvard Women’s Law Journal 168-71 (1982). Reviewing Women, Power and Politics, by Margaret Stacey and Marion Price.