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Daniel Lowenstein

Daniel Hays Lowenstein

Professor of Law Emeritus
A.B. Yale, 1964
LL.B. Harvard, 1967
UCLA Faculty Since 1979

LAW 321 - Legislation and Regulation

Despite the emphasis in law school, especially in the first year, on case law and the judicial process, it is probably the case that for most lawyers most of the time, the "law" they work with is statutory. This course considers various aspects of legislation in theory and practice, with emphasis on the political processes by which statutes are adopted and the principles of statutory interpretation. Readings are a combination of studies of Congress by political scientists and more conventional legal materials. The course will rely heavily on class discussion.  Students will be expected to bring to class ideas and questions and to discuss the materials without relying predominantly on questioning by the instructor.  The grade for the course will be based on class discussion as well as two papers and a multiple choice examination.