Faculty Profiles

David Babbe

David Babbe

Lecturer in Law
B.A. UC Irvine, 1978
J.D. UCLA, 1981

LAW 820 - California Unfair Competition Law

This course will provide students with rigorous litigation skills training in the context of California’s Unfair Competition Law (“UCL”). The course will provide students with an in depth understanding of the UCL, as well as its importance as a tool to effectuate change through impact litigation. The course will provide students with hands-on training litigating UCL cases through classroom simulations and the option to participate in a field placement at the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office. At the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office, each student will be paired with a Deputy City Attorney, and will be assigned to work on real UCL cases. Throughout the course, students will also generate their own proposals for UCL cases. After selecting a proposal, students will draft a complaint, prepare a research memorandum analyzing the legal issues for the proposed UCL case, craft a discovery plan, and create a significant piece of discovery to support the proposed case. The course will culminate with each student pitching his or her proposed UCL case to the City Attorney.

The class will have three components: (1) classroom lectures, discussions and large group exercises; (2) videotaped small group exercises that will take place outside of regular classroom hours; and (3) an optional field placement at the City Attorney’s Office. The classroom component will be 2 hours per week; the videotaped exercises will average one hour per week; and the field placement will be 8 hours per week.