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Eileen Scallen

Eileen A. Scallen

Professor of Practice and Director of Part-time Faculty
B.A. St. Olaf College, 1981
M.A. University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, 1983
J.D. University of Minnesota School of Law, 1986
UCLA Faculty Since 2013

LAW 569A/B - Academic Legal Writing

This year-long seminar is designed for advanced law students who wish to develop and complete a full-length, high-quality legal article (or “comment”) of publishable quality in a collaborative setting (sometimes known as a “writing circle”).  The seminar will meet 13-14 times during the academic year.  The exact schedule of meetings will be discussed at the first meeting of each semester.  Students are expected to do significant independent work between seminar meetings.  During fall semester, students will work together, with the guidance of the professor, to identify and develop topics. Students will do background research and develop a draft thesis and comprehensive outline of arguments by the end of the semester. In the spring semester, students complete multiple drafts, with substantial feedback from each other. Enrollment, by application, is limited to 12 students. The application is due at 12:00 NOON on Friday, July 13, 2018, and it should be submitted (along with any relevant documents) to the Records Office or emailed to Records@law.ucla.edu.

While the seminar is focused on the academic writing process, students who are also seeking subject matter support for their research should be aware that the professor’s primary areas of expertise are Civil Procedure, Evidence, and a wide range of LGBT legal issues.  Given the availability of additional faculty support, students interested in other areas are also encouraged to apply.

The legal article that is completed for this seminar will satisfy the law school’s SAW writing requirement, and the seminar is open to all second and third-year students and all LLMs.