Faculty Profiles

Guy Scoffoni

Guy Scoffoni

Visiting Professor
B.A. Lauréat de l’Institut, 1976
LL.M. in Law, University of Marseille, 1976
LL.M. in Political Science, University of Marseille, 1978
Ph.D. University of Paris, 1986

LAW 348 - European Union Law

A general introduction to the legal system of the European Union and the areas of substantive law most relevant to the creation of the Single European Market. We will study in particular the EU’s governing institutions and its lawmaking processes, the system of legal remedies and the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice and the fundamental principles of the relationship between EU law and the domestic law of the 27 Member States. The course will also focus on European freedoms and fundamental rights with an emphasis on free movement of persons, sex discrimination law, freedom of expression or social and economic rights.