Faculty Profiles

Herbert Morris

Herbert Morris

Professor of Philosophy and Professor of Law Emeritus
B.A. UCLA, 1951
LL.B. Yale, 1954
D.Phil. Oxford, 1956
UCLA Philosophy Faculty Since 1956
UCLA Law Faculty Since 1962


Disclosures: Essays on Art, Literature, and Philosophy. Amazon (2017). Amazon
Artists in Evil: An Essay on Evil and Redemption in Marcel Proust's In Search of Lost Time (2009).  Independently published.
On Guilt and Innocence: Essays in Legal Philosophy and Moral Psychology. University of California Press (1976).
On Guilt and Shame (edited by Herbert Morris). Wadsworth (1971).
The Masked Citadel: The Significance of the Title of Stendhal’s “La Chartreuse de Parme”. University of California Press (1968).
Freedom and Responsibility: Readings in Philosophy and Law (edited by Herbert Morris). Stanford University Press (1961).

Articles and Chapters

The Absent and Present Serpent in Nicolas Poussin’s SPRING, XVI(1) Cahiers de dix-septieme siecle, 17 63-76 (2015).
Murphy on Forgiveness, 7 Criminal Justice Ethics 15-19 (1988).
George Fletcher and Collective Guilt: A Critical Commentary on the 2001 Storrs Lectures, 78 Notre Dame Law Review 731-50 (2003).
Sex, Shame, and Assorted Other Topics, 22 Quinnipiac University Law Review 123-43 (2003).
Some Further Reflections on Guilt and Punishment, 18 Law & Philosophy 363-78 (1999).
The Future of Punishment, 46 UCLA Law Review 1927-31 (1999).
What Emma Knew: The Outrage Suffered in Jorge Luis Borges's Emma Zunz, 10-11 Indiana Journal of Hispanic Literatures 165-202 (1997).
Professor Murphy on Liberalism and Retributivism, 37 Arizona Law Review 95-104 (1995). Symposium: Issues in the Philosophy of Law.
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Book Review, 18 UCLA Law Review 1164-72 (1971). Reviewing The Manufacture of Madness, by Thomas Szasz.
Book Review, 75 Harvard Law Review 1452-61 (1962). Reviewing The Concept of Law, by H.L.A. Hart.
Book Review, 7 UCLA Law Review 566-69 (1960). Reviewing The Great Legal Philosophies: Selected Readings in Jurisprudence, edited by Clarence Morris.
Book Review, 12 Stanford Law Review 514-25 (1960). Reviewing The Complexity of Legal and Ethical Experience, by F.S.C. Northrop.