Faculty Profiles

James Salzman

James Salzman

Donald Bren Distinguished Professor of Environmental Law
B.A. Yale College, 1985
J.D. Harvard Law School, 1989
M.Sc. Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, 1990


Concepts and Insights in Environmental Law and Policy (with J. Eagle and B. Thompson). 5th ed. Foundation Press (forthcoming 2017). Prior editions: 4th, 2013; 3rd, 2010; 2nd, 2007; 1st, 2003. Translated into Chinese (2017).
Drinking Water: A History. 2nd ed. Overlook Press (2017). Paperback edition: 2013; 1st, 2012.
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The Practice and Policy of Environmental Law (with J. B. Ruhl, John Copeland Nagle, and Alexandra Klass). 4th ed. Foundation Press (2016). Previous editions: 3rd, 2014; 2nd, 2010; 1st, 2008.
International Environmental Law and Policy (with David Hunter and Durwood Zaelke). 5th ed. Foundation Press (2015). Prior editions: 4th, 2011; 3rd, 2007; 2nd, 2002; 1st, 1998.
Policy Maker's Guide to Designing Payments for Ecosystem Services. Asian Development Bank (2009).
Extended Producer Responsibility Programs and International Trade Law. OECD (1997).
Environmental Labelling in OECD Countries. 2nd ed. OECD (1991).

Articles and Chapters

Presidential Exit (with J.B. Ruhl), Duke Law Journal (forthcoming 2018). Full Text
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Policy Reports

Legal Risks and Timeline Associated with Increasing Surface Water Storage in California (with Julia Forgie), Pritzker Brief No. 8 (June 2017). Full Text

Blogs, Book Reviews, and Commentary

Response to Putting a Price on Ecosystem Services, XXXIII Issues in Science and Technology (Winter 2017). Full Text
The Overlooked Part of Trump’s Executive Order on Climate Change, LegalPlanet (April 2017). Full Text
The Past, Present and Future of Payments for Ecosystem Services – Biodiversity, LegalPlanet (Sept. 25, 2016).
The Past, Present and Future of Payments for Ecosystem Services – Water, LegalPlanet (Sept. 14, 2016).
Understanding Climate Skepticism: Four Hypotheses to Explain the Endurance of Climate Skeptics, LegalPlanet (April 4, 2016). Full Text
The Rise of “Cli-Fi”: What the Humanities Can Teach us About Climate Change Narratives, LegalPlanet (April 1, 2016). Full Text
Lessons From Flint, LegalPlanet (March 1, 2016). Full Text
Biology and the Law, 66 BioScience 999 (Oct. 2016). Review of Environmental Law for Biologists, by Tristan Kimbrell. Full Text
TPP or not TPP? Understanding the Environmental Debate over the Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade Agreement, LegalPlanet (Dec. 3, 2015). Full Text
What do you know about Interior: Test your knowledge, LegalPlanet (Oct. 29, 2015). Full Text
Japan Removes Whaling from ICJ Jurisdiction, LegalPlanet (Oct. 27, 2015). Full Text
The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), LegalPlanet (Sept. 24, 2015). Full Text
Can We Trust the Science? The Challenge of Irreproducible Results, LegalPlanet (Aug. 31, 2015). Full Text
How Safe is Our Drinking Water?, Slate.com (Jan. 16, 2014).
Why Rivers No Longer Burn, Slate.com (Dec. 10, 2012).
Our water system withstood Hurricane Sandy, but the threats aren’t over, Washington Post (Nov. 9, 2012). Reprinted in Arizona Daily Star (Tucson) and St. Paul Pioneer Press (St. Paul, MN).
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