Faculty Profiles

Jennifer Chacón

Jennifer M. Chacón

Professor of Law
A.B. Stanford University, 1994
J.D. Yale Law School, 1998
UCLA Faculty since 2018


Immigration Law and Social Justice (with Kevin R. Johnson and Bill Ong Hing). 5th ed. Aspen Casebook Series (2018). Full Text

Articles and Chapters

Citizenship Matters: Conceptualizing Belonging in an Era of Fragile Inclusions, 52 U.C. Davis Law Review 1 (2018). Full Text
Racialization Through Enforcement (with Susan Bibler Coutin), in Race, Criminal Justice, and Migration Control: Enforcing the Boundaries of Belonging (edited by Mary Bosworth, Alpa Parmar & Yolanda Vázquez, Oxford Univ. Press, 2018).
Deferred Action and the Discretionary State: Migration, Precarity and Resistance (with Susan Bibler Coutin (lead author), Sameer M. Ashar & Stephen Lee), Citizenship Studies (2017). Full Text
“Crimmigration”: Reforming Law at the Border of Crime and Migration, in Academy for Justice, A Report On Scholarship and Criminal Justice Reform (2017). (Erik Luna, Ed.)
Privatized Immigration Enforcement, 52 Harvard Civil Rights-Civil Liberties Law Review 1 (2017).
Human Trafficking, Immigration Regulation and Sub-federal Criminalization, 20 New Criminal Law Review 96 (2017). Full Text
Producing Liminal Legality, 92 Denver Univ. Law Review 709 (2015). Full Text
Report: Navigating Liminal Legalities along Pathways to Citizenship: Immigrant Vulnerabilities and the Role of Mediating Institution (with Sameer Ashar, Edelina Burciaga, Susan Coutin, Alma Nidia Garza and Stephen Lee). Russell Sage Foundation (2015).
The Transformation of Immigration Federalism, 21 William & Mary Bill of Rights Journal 577 (2013). Reprinted in Immigration Regulation in Federal States: Challenges and Responses in Comparative Perspectives (edited by Sasha Bagley & Delphine Nakache, Springer Press, 2014). Full Text
Overcriminalizing Immigration, 102 Journal of Criminal Law & Criminology 613 (2012). Full Text
Border Exceptionalism in the Era of Moving Borders, 38 Fordham Urban Law Journal 129 (2010). Full Text
Tensions and Tradeoffs: Protecting Trafficking Victims in the Era of Immigration Enforcement, 158 Univ. of Pennsylvania Law Review 1609 (2010). Reprinted in 31 Immigration and Nationality Law Review 277 (2010). Full Text
A Diversion of Attention: Immigration Courts and the Adjudication of Fourth and Fifth Amendment Rights, 59 Duke Law Review 1563 (2010). Full Text
Managing Migration through Crime, 109 Columbia Law Review Sidebar 135 (2009). Full Text
Dr. King, Nonviolence and Immigration, 32 N.Y.U. Review of Law & Social Change 465 (2009).
The Security Myth: Punishing Immigrants in the Name of National Security, in Immigration, Integration and Security: Europe And America In Comparative Perspective (Pittsuburgh Press, 2008). Reprinted in Governing Immigration Through Crime: A Reader (edited by Julie A. Dowling & Jonathan Xavier Inda, Stanford Univ. Press, 2013).
Race as a Diagnostic Tool: Latinos in California, Post-209, 96 California Law Review 1215 (2008).
Dred Scott, Citizenship and Family: Some Lessons for Contemporary Immigration Policy, 27 Washington Univ. Journal of Law & Policy 633 (2008).
Unsecured Borders: Immigration Restrictions, Crime Control and National Security, 39 Connecticut Law Review 1827 (2007). Reprinted in 28 Immigration & Nationality Law Review 613 (2007). Full Text
Loving Across Borders: Immigration Law and the Limits of Loving, Wisconsin Law Review 345 (2007). Full Text
Whose Community Shield?: Examining the Removal of the “Criminal Street Gang Member", Univ. of Chicago Legal Forum (2007).
Misery and Myopia: Understanding the Failures of U.S. Efforts to Stop Human Trafficking, 74 Fordham Law Review 2977 (2005). Reprinted in Immigration & Nationality Law Review 331 (2006). Full Text

Essays and Shorter Articles

Unsettling History, 131 Harvard Law Review 1078 (2018). Review of City of Inmates: Conquest, Rebellion, and the Rise of Human Caging in Los Angeles, 1771-1965, by Kelly Lytle Hernández. Full Text
Immigration and the Bully Pulpit, 130 Harvard Law Review Forum 243 (2017). Full Text
Harvest Time: The 1996 Immigration Laws Come of Age, 9 Drexel Law Review 297 (2017). Symposium issue 2017. Full Text
A New Hope: Bringing Justice Back into Removal Proceedings, 91 NYU Law Review Online 132 (2016). Full Text
Immigration Detention: No Turning Back?, 113 South Atlantic Quarterly 621 (Summer 2014). Full Text
Feminists at the Border: Militarism in the Work of Ann Scales, 85 Denver Univ. Law Review (2013). Full Text
Policing Immigration after Arizona, 3 Wake Forest Journal of Law & Policy 231 (2013).
Opening Our Hearts: A Response to Angela Onwuachi-Willig’s According to Our Hearts, 16 The Journal of Gender, Race & Justice 725 (2013). Full Text
The Mercer Girls Guide to Immigration Law: A Response to Kerry Abrams, 64 Vandervilt Law Review En Banc 15 (2011).
Statutory Analysis: Using Criminal Law to Highlight Issues in Statutory Interpretation, 1 U.C. Irvine Law Review 131 (2011). Full Text

Expert Commentary

Arizona's S.B. 1070 in the U.S. Supreme Court: Who Won, Why, and What Now?, LexisNexis Emerging Issues Law Center (July 2012).
Carachuri-Rosendo v. Holder: Supreme Court Further Defines "Aggravated Felonies", LexisNexis Emerging Issues Law Center (June 2010).
Border Searches of Electronic Data, LexisNexis Emerging Issues Law Center (June 20, 2008).

Shorter Publications

Overview of Maslenjak v. US, American Bar Association Preview of United States Supreme Court Cases (April 2017).
Criminal Law’s Borders, JOTWELL.com (Jan. 26, 2017). Review of Mona Lynch, Backpacking the Border: The Intersection of Drug and Immigration Prosecutions in a High Volume U.S. Court, 57 British Journal of Criminology 112-131 (2016).
Federal Powers, Immigration and Naturalization, in American Governance (edited by Stephen Schechter, Macmillan Reference USA, 2016).
The Future of Work: Giving Voice to the Five Percent, Pacific Standard (Sept. 4, 2015).
Decriminalization and Its Discontents, JOTWELL.com (March 20, 2015). Reviewing of Alexandra Natapoff, Misdemeanor Decriminalization, 68 Vanderbilt Law Review (2015).
Who is Responsible for U.S. Immigration Policy?, 14 Insights on Law & Society 20 (Spring 2014).
The Rise of Automated Policing, JOTWELL.com (March 24, 2014). Review of Anil Kalhan, Immigration Policing and Federalism Through the Lens of Technology, Surveillance, and Privacy, 74 Ohio State Law Journal 1105 (2013).
Sowing the Seeds of Distrust in Immigration Policy, crImmigration.com (May 23, 2013).
In the Name of Border Security, crImmigration.com (May 21, 2013).
Crimmigration and the Problem of Ad Hoc Instrumentalism, JOTWELL.com (March 15, 2013). Review of David A. Sklansky, Crime, Immigration and Ad Hoc Instrumentalism, 15 New Criminal Law Review 157 (2012).
Expanding the Canon, JOTWELL.com (Jan. 25, 2013). Review of Devon W. Carbado and Cheryl I. Harris, Undocumented Criminal Procedure, 58 UCLA Law Review 1543 (2011).
Does the Making or Subscribing to a False Tax Return Qualify as an Aggravated Felony for Immigration Purposes?, American Bar Association Preview of United States Supreme Court Cases (Oct. 2011).
Who Controls Immigration Policy?, JOTWELL (April 7, 2011). Review of Rick Su, Local Fragmentation as Immigration Regulation, 47 Houston Law Review 367 (2010).
It Is Time to Root out Sex-Based Stereotypes in Immigration Law, L.A. Daily Journal (Dec. 8, 2010).
Tuition, Higher Education and Immigration Status, L.A. Daily Journal (Oct. 25, 2010).
Lessons About Immigration Federalism, L.A. Daily Journal (Sept. 23, 2010).
America Chooses Best When It Chooses To Be Inclusive, L.A. Daily Journal (Aug. 23, 2010).
Effective Assistance of Counsel after Padilla v. Kentucky, L.A. Daily Journal (July 20, 2010).
The Aggravation Continues, L.A. Daily Journal (June 18, 2010).
Legal Ramifications of Arizona’s Immigration Law, L.A. Daily Journal (May 4, 2010).
Perspectives: The Immigration Consequences of Criminal Convictions, L.A. Daily Journal (April 6, 2010).
When Is a Habeas Corpus Petition Challenging a Resentencing a “Second or Successive” Petition?, American Bar Association Preview of United States Supreme Court Cases (March 2010).
When Criminal and Immigration Law Collide, JOTWELL.com (Jan. 2010). Review of Nancy Morawetz, Rethinking Drug Inadmissibility, 50 William and Mary Law Review 163 (2008). 
Is There a Duress Exception to the “Persecutor Bar” to Asylum and Withholding of Removal?, American Bar Association Preview of United States Supreme Court Cases (Nov. 2008).
Did a Washington Court’s Jury Instruction on Accomplice Liability Unconstitutionally Alleviate the Prosecution’s Burden?, American Bar Association Preview of United States Supreme Court Cases (Oct. 3, 2008).
 Who is Subject to the INA Provision for the Automatic Reinstatement of Removal Orders?, American Bar Association Preview of United States Supreme Court Cases (March 20, 2006).
Do Convictions of Felony State Drug Law Violations Equivalent to Federal Misdemeanors Constitute “Aggravated Felonies” for Purposes of Removal?, American Bar Association Preview of United States Supreme Court Cases (Oct. 3, 2006).
Book Note, 21 Yale Journal of International Law 492 (1996). Review of The New Sovereignty: Compliance With International Regulatory Agreements (1996), by Abram Chayes & Antonia Handler Chayes.
Book Note, 21 Yale Journal of International Law 480 (1996). Review of The International Covenant on Economic and Cultural Rights: A Perspective on its Development (1995), by Matthew Craven.
Book Note, 21 Yale Journal of International Law 238Review of Impunity in International Human Rights Law and Practice (1995), edited by Naomi Roht-Arriaza.

Works in Progress

Past as Prelude?: A Look Back at “Operation Wetback” (article in progress)
The Right to Have Rights: Noncitizens’ Notions of Belonging, Membership, and Deservingness in the United States (working title), (with Susan Bibler Coutin, Sameer Ashar, Stephen Lee & Jason Palmer).
Flores v. Reno, in Critical Race Judgements: Rewritten U.S. Court Opinions on Race And Law (Devon Carbado, Bennett Capers, Robin Lenhardt & Onwuachi-Willig, eds., Cambridge University Press, forthcoming).