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Judith Gordon

Judith Gordon

Lecturer in Law
B.A. Wayne State University, 1976
J.D. Wayne State University, 1981

LAW 427 - Law and Your Life

Practicing law requires mental, physical and psychological stamina. A substantial body of research has documented increasing professional dissatisfaction often associated with a widening gap between personal values and practice, and the impacts of prolonged stress. This course equips students with lifelong tools and strategies for meeting the challenges of practicing law, so that they're able to build a long-term sustainable career and thrive in the practice of law.
Tools and strategies include emotional intelligence fundamentals and core competencies, the development of personal agility, resilience building, stress management strategies, meditation, the science of productivity and performance, and application of course concepts to student life, so that they incorporate and utilize these practices immediately.
Development of these skills is supported by assigned readings, discussion, and engagement with the skills, including meditation. Course materials include research studies, relevant texts and popular media. Students practice using the tools presented in class and respond to weekly prompts documenting their experiences.