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LaToya  Baldwin Clark

LaToya  Baldwin Clark

Assistant Professor of Law
B.S. University of Pennsylvania, Wharton School, 2002
M.A. University of Pennsylvania, 2008
Ph.D. Stanford University, 2014
J.D. Stanford Law School, 2014
UCLA Faculty Since 2018

LAW 317 - Family Law

This four-credit survey course on Family Law introduces students to marriage and divorce (including child custody, property division, spousal maintenance, and child support); civil union, domestic partnership, and unmarried couples; domestic violence; neglected, abused, and dependent children; adoption; definitions of family; parentage outside of marriage; and constitutional issues in family law. There will be special attention to issues of gender, race, class, and sexual orientation. Students will conduct a simulation of negotiating a separation agreement between a divorcing husband and wife. Memoranda written in conjunction with that simulation will constitute 50% of the grade in the course and a short final exam will constitute the other 50%. This course is not preparation for the California bar exam. There is only a small amount of overlap between the topics in this course and those covered in Special Topics in Family Law: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Families with Children. There are no prerequisites but students who have not completed Constitutional Law should expect to do some extra reading assigned by the Professor.