Meirav Furth-Matzkin

Assistant Professor of Law

Meirav Furth-Matzkin is an Assistant Professor of Law at UCLA School of Law, where she teaches contracts and consumer law. Her scholarship focuses on contracts and consumer protection and regulation, which she studies from the perspectives of social psychology and behavioral law and economics. Before joining UCLA, Furth-Matzkin was an Olin Law & Economics Fellow and Lecturer in Law at the University of Chicago Law School, where she worked on unenforceable terms in consumer contracts, fine print fraud, and selective enforcement of contracts, using mixed empirical methods (including field and lab experiments).

In her scholarship, Furth-Matzkin examines the often surprising disparities between the contracts consumers sign or click through, the rules that are meant to govern them, and the ways in which sellers actually behave in their daily interactions with our contracting parties consumers. She received her B.A. and L.L.B. degrees (magna cum laude) at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and her LL.M. and S.J.D. at Harvard Law School, where she won the Dean’s Scholar Prize in Behavioral Economics, Law & Public Policy, the John M. Olin Prize for the best paper in Law & Economics, and the Fisher-Sanders Prize for the best paper in negotiations and dispute resolution. Before joining Harvard, she clerked for Justice Uzi Vogelman of the Supreme Court of Israel.

Furth-Matzkin’s publications have appeared in leading law reviews and peer-reviewed journals, including the Stanford Law Review, the Minnesota Law Review, and the Journal on Legal Analysis.

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  • Articles And Chapters
    • Toxic Promises (with Shmuel I. Becher and Yuval Feldman), 63 Boston College Law Review 753 (2022).
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  • Other Publications
    • Consumer Contracts in Action, 82 Montana Law Review 97 (2021).