Faculty Profiles

Patrick Goodman

Patrick D. Goodman

Lecturer in Law
B.A. UCLA, 1991
M.Ed. UCLA, 1992
J.D. Columbia, 1996
UCLA Faculty Since 2001

LAW 300 - Remedies

This course is about litigation after the court has found the need to provide relief. Through the active use of problems, advocacy assignments, and cases, the course explores remedies in civil litigation, such as money damages, injunctive relief, and restitution. These remedies are examined within the context of many subjects, including Torts, Contracts, Property, and Civil Rights law, but with a focus on the various remedies available, and the consequences of choosing one form or amount of relief over another. Important note: The quality of student participation in two intensive oral advocacy assignments is considered by the instructor when entering a grade for this course.