Faculty Profiles

Russell Korobkin

Russell Korobkin

Vice Dean for Graduate and Professional Education
Richard C. Maxwell Professor of Law
B.A. Stanford, 1989
J.D. Stanford, 1994
UCLA Faculty Since 2000

LAW 561A/B - Perspectives on Law and Lawyering

Lawyers, like other professionals, follow a norm of serving their clients’ interests: the ideal of the “zealous advocate” is central to the profession's self-image. At the same time, and sometimes in contradiction, lawyers are expected to exercise independent judgment and assert leadership.  This “Professionalism and Independent Judgment” seminar will grapple with the question of when should a professional act as a tactician, simply helping to achieve the goals specified by his or her client, and when should a professional attempt to shape, overrule, ignore, or refuse to further the client’s stated goals?  When a professional’s view of what is right conflicts with a client’s desires and ambitions, how should a professional react?  We will read and discuss five books that explore these questions from different perspectives.  All are available in paperback from Amazon and other vendors.