Samuele Chilovi

Law & Philosophy Postdoctoral Fellow

  • M.A. University of Bologna, 2013
  • Ph.D. University of Barcelona, 2019

Samuele Chilovi is a Law and Philosophy Postdoctoral Fellow at UCLA School of Law and Department of Philosophy. His research focuses on philosophy of law, metaphysics, and social philosophy. He also has interests in metaethics, legal interpretation, and philosophy of language.

He previously worked as a postdoctoral fellow at Pompeu Fabra University and as a research assistant at Glasgow University, where he worked on the nature of law, grounding theory, and metaphysical modality.

Chilovi received a master’s degree (cum laude) in law at the University of Bologna, and a Ph.D. (cum laude) in philosophy from the University of Barcelona. While at Barcelona, he was a visiting graduate student at Rutgers Philosophy Department.

Chilovi’s publications have appeared in Legal Theory, Philosophical Studies, and Synthese, among others. He is currently writing a book on law and metaphysics for Cambridge University Press.

Many of his papers are available at the following URLs:

Articles and Chapters:

  • ‘On the (In)significance of Hume’s Law’ (w/ D. Wodak), Philosophical Studies, forthcoming
  • ‘The Speaker Dilemma in Legal Implicatures’, in Anchoring Institutions. Democracy and Institutions in a Half-automated World, P. Casanovas and J.J. Moreso (eds.), Springer, forthcoming
  • ‘Grounding Entails Supervenience’, Synthese, 198(6): 1317–1334, 2021
  • ‘Grounding-Based Formulations of Legal Positivism’, Philosophical Studies, 177(11): 3283–3302, 2020
  • ‘Law-Determination as Grounding: A Common Grounding Framework for Jurisprudence’ (w/ G. Pavlakos), Legal Theory, 25(1): 53-76, 2019
  • ‘Interpretive Arguments and the Application of the Law’ (w/ J.J. Moreso), in Handbook of Legal Reasoning and Argumentation, G. Bongiovanni, G. Postema, A. Rotolo, G. Sartor, C. Valentini and D. Walton (eds.), Springer, 2018
  • ‘The Speaker Dilemma in Legal Implicatures: Comparisons and Further Issues’, in Truth and Objectivity in Law and Morals II–ARSP-Supplement, A. Ferreira Leite de Paula, A. Santacoloma and G. Villa Rosas (eds.), Franz Steiner Verlag, 2016
  • ‘The Semantics and Pragmatics of According to the Law’ (w/ J.J. Moreso), in Pragmatics and Law: Philosophical Perspectives, A. Capone and F. Poggi (eds.), Springer, 2016

In Italian

  • ‘Il Diritto come Linguaggio (nella Filosofia Analitica Contemporanea)’ (w/ J.J. Moreso), in Che Cosa è il Diritto. Ontologie e Concezioni del Giuridico, G. Bongiovanni, G. Pino and C. Roversi (eds.), Torino: Giappichelli, 2016

In Spanish

  • ‘Introducción a la Metafísica’, in Filosofía para Juristas. Una Introducción, D. González Lagier and G. Lariguet (eds.), Madrid: Trotta, forthcoming