Faculty Profiles

Stephen Yeazell

Stephen C. Yeazell

David G. Price and Dallas P. Price Distinguished Professor of Law Emeritus
B.A. Swarthmore, 1967
M.A. English and Comparative Literature, Columbia, 1968
J.D. Harvard, 1974
UCLA Law faculty since 1975

LAW 410 - Dynamics of Contemporary Civil Litigation

Traditional first-year civil procedure courses provide students with a basic legal orientation necessary to understand civil litigation.  But much of what determines outcomes in the American civil justice system lies beyond a basic course‚Äôs reach.  Dynamics of Contemporary Civil Litigation will introduce students to a broad array of forces and determinants beyond basic doctrine that affect which cases lawyers select for litigation, how they develop and litigate these cases, and how these cases get resolved through settlement.  In addition to the instructors, students will learn from guest lecturers from the Los Angeles bench and bar.


Trial Advocacy;