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Make Your Class Gift Now

The majority of students at UCLA Law, currently over 80%, receive some type of financial aid while studying at the law school. Much of our UCLA Law students' education has been due to support from others, including the students, now alumni, who came before them. We kindly ask our graduating Class of 2020 to consider making a gift that is meaningful to you as our soon to be alumni. Your participation in the campaign matters and shows the strength of support of the graduating class. In addition, it impacts our overall alumni participation rate one of the primary ways alumni satisfaction and support at universities are evaluated.

To make a gift to support the Class of 2020 Scholarship, please click on the link above. You can make a one-time gift, or pledge your annual support payable over a period of 3-5 years. Annual gifts of $250 or more automatically enroll recent graduates who are within 5 years of graduation in our Dean's Circle Giving Society. Members are invited to a variety of special events including our annual Dean's Circle recognition dinner.

Why Should I Give?

I've already paid tuition, so why should I give money to the Class Gift?

Tuition covers only part of the cost of maintaining and enhancing the UCLA Law student experience. Consider this:

  • In 1986, state funds provided nearly full funding of student fees and tuition.
  • By 2001, state funds covered 70% of student fees, private gifts covered 12%, and student fees covered 18%.
  • Today, state funds account for less than 15% of UCLA Law's budget. Unfortunately, tuition can't cover the difference.

When tuition money runs out, we rely on philanthropic donors to help keep school going. Also, tuition doesn't create growth, so we need alumni support to grow and thrive as an institution.

Will the class gift actually make a difference?

Yes! The participation percentage we reach with the graduating class is just as, if not more, important than the dollar amount. One of the factors that influence a law school's reputation is "alumni participation,” which is directly influenced by our Class Gift numbers. A higher rate of student participation demonstrates student satisfaction, encourages alumni giving, and enhances the reputation of a law school among law firms, judges, and other employers. Increased alumni giving also means increased expenditures per student, which has a direct impact on the student experience and national rankings. With greater resources, UCLA Law can continue to attract the best and brightest law students in the country, which is at the heart of why our law school is considered among the most elite in the world.

Here are some results from 2019:

  • 23% of our nearly 18,000 UCLA Law alumni made a gift to the law school, ranking us among the top law schools nationwide.
  • For Class of 2019, 50.49% of JDs and of LLMs made a pledge or gift as a part of the campaign, in 2018, 67.37% of the class participated.
  • We have achieved even higher levels of alumni participation with our Law Firm Challenge, which remains the most successful in the country with 78% participation.

Do other top law schools have Class Gift campaigns?

Yes! At most top tier law schools, class-giving campaigns are well-established traditions, and many law school graduating classes achieve high participation rates each year. A couple of other Top 20 schools have participation of over 90%, let's give them a run for their money!

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