LL.M. Degree Requirements

American Language Center

The American Language Center (ALC) at UCLA Extension is a good place to start for information about programs or courses geared towards English language instruction, course offerings, and enrollment eligibility during the academic year. ALC offers intensive English language courses for international and local participants seeking to improve their English through enrollment in a variety of full-time, part-time, and alternative programs. Costs and fees for these offerings will vary based on the program or course selections that students may choose.

The Academic Intensive English Program (AIEP) is a full-time program offered on a quarterly basis during the fall, winter, spring, and summer, or – alternatively – on short-term bases during the summer for condensed, six-week periods. Please contact the American Language Center directly in order to obtain more information regarding course meeting times and dates during each of these periods. Note that you’ll need to review and monitor the scheduled meeting times for the fall, winter, and spring offerings to ensure that they do not conflict with your law studies. AIEP sessions typically include five 50-minute classes per day, Monday through Thursday, and three sessions on Friday for a total of 23 50-minute sessions per week.

The Intensive English Communication Program (IECP) is offered on a quarterly basis during the fall, winter, spring, and summer, or – alternatively – on short-term bases spanning three-, four-, or eight-week periods. Please contact ALC directly for course meeting times and dates for each period. IECP sessions generally include five 50-minute sessions per day, Monday through Thursday, for a total of 20 50-minute sessions per week.

The American Culture & Communication (ACC) Course is offered on a quarterly basis for short-term periods spanning three or four weeks at a time. ACC is offered on a part-time basis and includes three 50-minute sessions during the morning (mornings only) daily during the week. For more information regarding the course format, enrollment, and more, you can contact ALC or UCLA Extension at alc@uclaextension.edu.

If you enroll in one of ALC’s programs, you would also be eligible to participate in the Language Partners Program, in which ALC students are paired with UCLA students studying foreign languages or English-speaking adults in the local community for free conversation exchanges. These conversations take place once or twice per week and allow participants to practice English conversation under the expectation that they will contribute an equal amount of conversation in the ALC students’ native language (to help the partners improve their proficiency in that language). For more details on this program, requirements, eligibility, and more, please email the ALC Academic Advisor.

Dashew Center

The Dashew Center for International Students & Scholars (DCISS) offers an American Culture & Conversation Program (AC&C), which is free of charge to enrolled UCLA students. While AC&C is not an English grammar class, nor is it designed as an ESL course, the program enables international students to learn more about American culture while improving their English language conversation. AC&C aims to facilitate speedy integration into US and UCLA life for international students and scholars. The program – which runs for a period of between six and eight weeks – is offered at intermediate and advanced English proficiency levels, which participants may self-designate, as there are no placement tests. The AC&C website also offers additional resources to help students improve their English.

Dashew’s Language Exchange program enables students and scholars at UCLA to request to be paired with a native speaker of the language they are learning to have one-on-one conversations, held at their convenience. This allows participants to practice and learn a language while also assisting/teaching others to learn their own native language in a collaborative and reciprocity-based format. Participation in the Language Exchange program is also free of charge and open to anyone. Contact intlprograms@saonet.ucla.edu with any questions about the program or or for more details on how and when to apply.

Graduate Writing Center

UCLA’s Graduate Writing Center (GWC) provides a variety of workshops and programs throughout the year to assist graduate and professional students with general writing matters as well as more specialized and targeted writing issues. The goal of the GWC is to help increase students’ skill level, confidence, and independence as writers, as well as to help them become effective writers and communicators in their academic and/or professional fields. Students may arrange individual writing consultations by appointment at no cost. To schedule an appointment, students should use the online reservation portal. The GWC also provides several writing resources, including tips on writing specifically for law and for ESL students.

UCLA Extension

UCLA Extension offers a variety of English as a Second Language (ESL) courses ranging from Advanced English as a Second Language to Writing and Grammar for Professional Purposes. These offerings are designed to help students improve their English ability based on their specific needs and are available on a part-time basis. The majority of these courses are offered through the UCLA Extension Center office in Westwood, though they occasionally may hold courses elsewhere on campus or have online courses. You can search for courses by course title or browse through a select set of preexisting courses and certificates provided by UCLA Extension. You can contact UCLA Extension’s Registration Office at (310) 825-9971 or enroll@uclaextension.edu for more information regarding current ESL offerings. Note that registration fees will apply in order to enroll in any of these courses.

UCLA Summer ESL Program

Although they are not typically available during the regular academic year, UCLA Summer ELS Program course offerings include a variety of courses to aid students in improving their pronunciation, fluency, writing skills, and more in English. The UCLA Registrar also indicates which ESL courses may be available during various academic quarters based on your selections for term and subject area.