Professor Motomura Comments on Judge Blocking Key Arizona Immigration Law Provisions in ABC News Article

​February 4, 2011 -- Professor Hiroshi Motomura commented on a judge blocking key Arizona immigration law provisions. His comments appear in an ABC News article.

"This is a significant decision, and the litigation, as it proceeds to a final decision...and probable appeal, has potentially historic dimensions," said Hiroshi Motomura of the UCLA School of Law.

"Almost all state and local efforts to address immigration outside the law in this generation have focused on areas of traditional state regulation, such as employment and housing," Motomura said. "SB 1070 much more clearly is a direct attempt to address and regulate immigration itself. This is why the federal government had to take action in this case, in order to maintain its constitutional position as the exclusive authority on who is let into the United States, who must leave, and ultimately, who is or can become an American."

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