Sean Hecht, Executive Director of the Environmental Law Center, Comments on Chevron's $8 Billion Fine for Rain Forest Contamination in San Francisco Chronicle

February​ 15, 2011 -- Sean Hecht, the executive director of UCLA Law's Environmental Law Center, commented on an $8 billion fine imposed on Chevron by an Ecuadoran court in an 18-year lawsuit over contamination in the Amazon rain forest. His commented appear in a San Francisco Chronicle article.

Chevron's tough tactics may discourage copy-cat suits, said Sean Hecht, executive director of the Environmental Law Center at UCLA.

"This is a particularly complex case for someone who might have a similar claim, in part because it's been extraordinarily difficult for the lawyers and plaintiffs," Hecht said. "It's hard to image that there are many plaintiffs and attorneys who would want to put themselves through that. And that was part of Chevron's message with its strategy."

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