UCLA Law to Host First Cybercrime Moot Court Competition

May 10, 2011 -- UCLA School of Law’s Moot Court Honor Program will begin hosting a first-ever cybercrime moot court competition to train the next generation of cybercrime prosecutors. The first competition will take place in spring 2012, and it is expected to be hosted at the law school annually.

The competition will be sponsored by the Norton Cybersecurity Institute, a global initiative to support the fight against cybercrime, and the Canadian nonprofit organization POLCYB, whose mission is to enhance international partnerships to prevent and combat crimes in cyberspace.

UCLA Law’s Moot Court Honor Program has been recognized as one of the finest in the country. Approximately 200 second-year law students participate in the program every year, briefing and arguing cases before panels of judges and practitioners. Third-year members are responsible for administering the program and are selected to compete on UCLA Law’s state and national teams.