Brad Sears, Executive Director of the Williams Institute, Discusses Lack of Financial Equality for Married Gay Couples in CBS Evening News Interview

July 24, 2011 -- Brad Sears, the executive director of UCLA Law's Williams Institute on Sexual Orientation Law and Public Policy, discussed the lack of financial equality for married gay couples in an interview on the "CBS Evening News."

"There's even one case with a spouse of a veteran who's not entitled to be buried next to their spouse," says Brad Sears, executive director of Williams Institute at UCLA Law School.

Sears also says gay couples cannot file a joint federal tax return, adding that "in some cases, same-sex couples are going to pay more federal taxes."

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Sears also comments on the topic in a San Jose Mercury News article.

The Internal Revenue Service considers health benefits for spouses as taxable, too, said Brad Sears, executive director of the Williams Institute at UCLA School of Law. But an exemption in the tax code keeps benefits for spouses safe from the tax man.

"The Defense of Marriage Act says that the 'spouse exemption' in the IRS tax code doesn't cover domestic partners," said Sears. This is at the federal level. California treats domestic partners and married couples equally in terms of taxes, he said.

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