Jennifer Pizer of the Williams Institute Discusses Potential Challenge to Polygamy Law in New York Times Article

July 12, 2011 -- Jennifer Pizer, legal director for the law school's Williams Institute on Sexual Orientation Law and Public Policy, discussed a potential lawsuit challenging the polygamy law​. Her comments appear in a New York Times article.

Such arguments, often referred to as the “parade of horribles,” are logically flawed, said Jennifer C. Pizer, a professor at the law school at the University of California, Los Angeles, and legal director for the school’s Williams Institute, which focuses on sexual orientation law.

The questions surrounding whether same-sex couples should be allowed to marry are significantly different from those involved in criminal prosecution of multiple marriages, Ms. Pizer noted. Same-sex couples are seeking merely to participate in the existing system of family law for married couples, she said, while “you’d have to restructure the family law system in a pretty fundamental way” to recognize polygamy.

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