Professors Volokh and Winkler Comment on Invoking Fourteen Amendment to Raise Debt Ceiling in Pasadena Star-News Article

July 28, 2011 -- Professors Eugene Volokh and Adam Winkler commented on President Obama invoking the 14th Amendment to ​raise the debt ceiling. Their comments appear in a Pasadena Star-News article.

"I think Americans like hearing about the Constitution, even some of its more obscure provisions - it's probably more interesting than (the accounting part of the budget)," offered Eugene Volokh, a professor at UCLA School of Law.

Adam Winkler, also a professor at UCLA's School of Law, agrees that the move is unlikely given the political consequences - but doesn't rule it out.

"President Obama is not likely to raise the debt ceiling on his own, because he would solve one crisis by precipitating another; if he does, Republicans will almost certainly seek articles of impeachment against him," Winkler said.

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