Professor Varat Discusses Labor Suit Filed Against Military Contractor in Daily Journal Article

November 30, 2011 -- Professor Jonathan Varat discussed a lawsuit that has been filed against an Alaska-based government contractor for allegedly violating California wage-and-hour laws. His comments appear in a Los Angeles Daily Journal article.

UCLA law professor Jonathan Varat cited a 1990 U.S. Supreme Court ruling allowing North Dakota to subject the federal government and its contractors to the same laws as the state's residents.

Paying role players according to California law would be expensive, but Varat said courts likely would tell the company to absorb the higher costs.

Unless you can make the argument that somehow the burden imposed on the [military] is excessive, normal labor laws apply," Varat said. "It's hard to imagine that the financial burden would be of a sort that the U.S. government [or a contractor] would be able to prevail.

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