Lecturer Ezra Ross Comments on Failure to Collect Fines for Safety Violations by Day Care Centers in Atlanta Journal-Constitution Article

December 11, 2012 -- Lecturer Ezra Ross commented on the failure of the state of Georgia to collect fines imposed on day care centers for safety violations. His comments appear in an Atlanta Journal-Constitution article.

“Undercollection is a real phenomenon,” said UCLA School of Law lecturer Ezra Ross, who recently researched government agencies’ failure to collect fines and penalties. “This is an outrageous thing.”
Ross and a research partner spent close to a year examining the collection rates of nearly 20 state and federal agencies. They found that most of the agencies had collection rates under 50 percent.
When informed of DECAL’s collection rates, Ross said the Georgia department fared well compared to the ones he reviewed, but he still wasn’t impressed.
“It should be disturbing that they’re not at 100 percent,” he said. “Collect what you impose. What’s the problem here?”

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