Professor Winkler Discusses Gun Control Debate in Multiple Media Outlets Including the New York Times, KCRW and KPCC

​July 24, 2012 -- Professor Adam Winkler discussed the debate over gun control, in the wake of the Aurora, Colorado shooting, in multiple media outlets.

He commented on President Obama and Mitt Romney's stance on preventing gun violence in a New York Times article.

The reason gun control is seen as a political loser in both parties, said Adam Winkler, a Second Amendment expert at the University of California, Los Angeles law school, is that while few advocates of restrictions are single-issue voters, many opponents will vote and donate money based on the issue.

“Romney doesn’t want to offend the base he needs to turn out,” said Mr. Winkler, who wrote a book last year, “Gunfight,” about the political battle over gun rights. “Obama doesn’t want to offend the swing voters who might base their vote on the right to bear arms.”

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He was a guest on WNYC's "The Brian Lehrer Show," on KCRW's "To the Point with Warren Olney," KPCC's "Patt Morrison Show" and WAMC's "The Roundtable."  

Professor Winkler also published an op-ed on the topic in the Daily Beast.