Sean Hecht Discusses Supreme Court Case on Storm Water Runoff Pollution in Los Angeles Times Article and KPCC Interview

​December 3, 2012 -- Sean Hecht, executive director of the Environmental Law Center, discussed a case the Supreme Court will hear that addresses the Los Angeles County Flood Control District’s legal responsibility for allowing polluted runoff from the storm sewer system to impair water quality in Los Angeles. His comments appear in a Los Angeles Times article and KPCC-FM interview.

Sean Hecht, an environmental law expert at UCLA, said the county's stand raises questions about the permit scheme. "From the plaintiff's perspective, it is very frustrating. If [the county is] not responsible, who is?" he asked. To read the entire Los Angeles Times article, click here.

"The question in front of the court is a question about when you have pollution in a body of water and you move it, you pump it, you somehow convey it, it ends up in a different part of that body of water, are you adding pollutants in a way that requires a permit," says Hecht. To read more from KPCC, click here.