Professor Stone Comments on Increasing Use of Part-time Workers in Retail Sector in CBS Moneywatch Article

‚ÄčApril 17, 2013 -- Professor Katherine Stone commented on the increasing use of part-time workers in the retail sector, who are given variable hours and low pay. Her comments appear in a CBS Moneywatch article.

Another perk as far as many companies are concerned: Employing mostly part-timers whose schedules change frequently makes it difficult for workers to unionize, said Katherine Stone, a professor of law at UCLA and an expert in employment law.

"There needs to be wage and hour protections for part-time workers, such as posting hours in advance, minimum pay if hours are shortened or cancelled, and a minimum number of hours guaranteed per shift," Stone said, noting that countries like The Netherlands have laws that ensure parity in pay and benefits (on a pro-rated basis) for part-time and full-time workers. "There are ways for employers to fill staffing needs, even when those needs are variable, without putting all of the burden on workers."

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