Professor Volokh Comments on Free Speech Rights in Relation to Graphic Abortion Signs in CBN News Article

April 12, 2013 -- Professor Eugene Volokh commented on free speech rights in relation to a case, under review by the Supreme Court, about graphic abortion signs. His comments appear in a CBN News article.

"I'm a parent. I don't want my children to be disturbed and upset," UCLA Law Professor Eugene Volokh told CBN News.
Still, Volokh petitioned the Supreme Court to review the case and declare the First Amendment protects showing even these gruesome images.
"If you allow courts to restrict speech simply because there's some evidence that some children are upset and disturbed," Volokh said, "and in the court's view that's tantamount to psychological harm, that would allow restriction on a vast range of speech that needs to remain constitutionally protected."

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