Professor Winkler Comments On New Gun Control Bills In Multiple Media Outlets

April 17, 2013 -- Professor Adam Winkler was interviewed on NPR's "All Things Considered" concerning a U.S. Senate Bill that could potentially expand the background check process for gun-buyers. To listen to the NPR interview, click here.

Winkler also commented on an amendment to the bill that would enable those with gun permits to carry their firearms with them from state to state in a Bloomberg article, stating "concealed carry is allowed in some form or another in every state except Illinois" although "some states are very restrictive" about issuing permits. 

In a Mother Jones article, Winkler notes that the background check bill contains a gun-show loophole, commenting that someone looking to buy a gun could identify a private seller and "agree to meet after the show at a convenient location and make the sale, with no background check."

In addition, Winkler was interviewed on KPCC discussing the recent California Senate decision to pass more restrictive bills on gun control. These new bills, which Democratic leaders are referring to as part​ of "The Life Act," are some of the most restrictive gun measures in the nation.