Professor Hoffman Comments on Republican Opposition to "Obamacare" Advisory Board Implementation in Business Insider Article

May 10, 2013 -- Professor Allison Hoffman commented on Republican opposition to the implementation of the Affordable Care Act's Independent Payment Advisory Board. Her comments appear in a Business Insider article.

But the IPAB is only needed if Medicare costs are projected to go beyond economic growth plus an additional percentage point in any given year, said Allison Hoffman, an assistant professor of law at UCLA. Right now, Medicare costs aren't growing fast enough to require the board to decide which cuts to make to Medicare providers.
"There's actually no work for the IPAB to do this year," Hoffman told Business Insider.
McConnell and Boehner's letter has "no impact on the ground," Hoffman said. "It's a protest move. You know — we're not going to cooperate with what the law says in this regard."

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