UCLA Law Welcomes Impressive Incoming Class

​September 3, 2013 -- UCLA School of Law recently welcomed an impressive incoming J.D. class of 293 students, the largest-ever LL.M. class of 127 students, a record 13 incoming exchange students from partner schools in Argentina, Australia, China, Israel, Norway and Switzerland, as well as two new S.J.D. students.

Admission to the J.D. class of 2016 was competitive. The law school attracted a robust applicant pool of 5,563 candidates, and achieved the highest median GPA in the law school’s history (a 3.79).  The students range in age from 15 to 34; the average age is 25. Women make up 49% of the class, and people of color make up 35% of the class. The students are from 29 states and 7 foreign countries, and 70% are California residents.

The J.D. students left behind a variety of careers to join the law school. The class includes a stem cell researcher, a paralegal at the U.S. Department of Justice, a principal, a reporter, an analyst for a national energy firm, an assets manager for NASA, a budget analyst for the I.R.S., a service dog trainer, a farmer, several teachers and veterans as well as professional musicians and athletes. The class has spent countless hours helping those in need by volunteering domestically and across the globe with organizations including UNICEF, the ACLU, the Natural Resources Defense Council, the American Red Cross, Make a Wish Foundation, Meals on Wheels and Doctors without Borders. In addition, 8% of the class holds advanced degrees in a wide variety of areas including Philosophy, Mathematics, Library & Information Science, Business Taxation, Biological Chemistry, Environmental Studies, Jewish Philosophy, Chinese Literature and Molecular, Cellular and Integrative Physiology.

The incoming LL.M. students are from 31 countries. They have earned law degrees from top-ranked law schools around the world, and eight members of the class already hold an American J.D. degree. The students come from a range of practice areas and professional backgrounds. The class includes a legal manager for Sony Corporation, an assistant law professor, a solicitor for Barclays Capital, a military prosecutor for the Korean army, in-house counsel for Yahoo Japan, two district court judges and three Fulbright scholars. The LL.M. class also includes two students who were chosen as UCLA Law-Sonke Health and Human Rights Fellows, both of whom clerked for South Africa’s Constitutional Court, the highest court in the country. The S.J.D. students—an assistant professor at the National Law School of India University and a Fulbright scholar—will work with Professors Kimberlé Crenshaw and Asli Bâli to examine the intersection of caste and sexuality in India and study international human rights law as it relates to private military and security companies, respectively.