Professor Stone Comments on Labor Disputes Against Wal-Mart in Al Jazeera America Article

November 19, 2013 -- Professor Katherine Stone commented on labor disputes against Wal-Mart and discussed the possibility of the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) filing unfair labor practice charges against the company. Her comments appear in an Al Jazeera America article.

Katherine Stone, a UCLA law professor specializing in labor and employment law, explained that while the NLRB cannot independently prosecute Wal-Mart, failing to settle may cost the retail giant in the long term.
"The NLRB is not a prosecutor in the criminal law. It maintains an adjudicatory section which processes what are called unfair labor practice charges," she said, explaining that Wal-Mart "could be subjected to an order to put people back to work and give back pay or face legal action."
"It's in Wal-Mart's best interest to resolve this so they don't have to pay too much back pay," Stone said.

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