Professor Volokh Comments on a City Council Tightening Disruptive Speech Restrictions in Oakland Tribune Article

‚ÄčApril 16, 2014 -- Professor Eugene Volokh commented on a new law passed by the city council in Freemont, California that tightens restrictions on political protests at some public events. His comments appear in an Oakland Tribune article.

However, a First Amendment law professor said Fremont has the right to manage its special events by reasonably regulating the public's behavior.

"The ordinance seems to be an acceptable way of doing that," said UCLA professor Eugene Volokh.

As the city avoids inhibiting the content of free speech, he said, it still can regulate the manner in which public speech is performed. Volokh said he believes the ordinance's wording is clear and does not invite misinterpretation by police. "In theory, it's possible," he said. "In practice, I don't think it is going to be much of a problem."

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