Professor Winkler Discusses Gun Rights in Wake of Fort Hood Shooting in Los Angeles Times and Wall Street Journal Articles

​April 4, 2014 -- Professor Adam Winkler commented on gun rights in the wake of the most recent shooting at Fort Hood.

He discussed calls to arm soldiers on military bases in a Los Angeles Times article.

Adam Winkler, a UCLA law professor who has written extensively about the politics surrounding guns, has doubts Congress will approve legislation overturning the ban.

"There might be more talk about it , but I can’t imagine it going very far,’’ he said. "It sort of reflects a very profound difference in America about how to promote safety.’’

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He commented on keeping guns out of the hands of the mentally ill in a Wall Street Journal article. 

Crafting an effective law that keeps the mentally ill unarmed wouldn't be easy, said Adam Winkler, a gun-law expert and law professor at the University of California, Los Angeles.

Requiring people, or their doctors, to report every trip to a psychologist or psychotherapist would likely raise significant privacy issues, according to Mr. Winkler. Such a policy could also create a disincentive to people looking to seek counseling.

"That's a danger, especially in the military," added Mr. Winkler. "You don't want to discourage soldiers from getting the help they need." 

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