Professor Winkler Comments on Isla Vista Shooting in Multiple Media Outlets

May 28, 2014 – Professor Adam Winkler has been featured in various news outlets discussing firearms laws and the mass shooting in California’s Isla Vista community, near UC Santa Barbara.

California has banned high-capacity magazines, but Mr. Rodger had at least 41 low-capacity magazines, with more than enough ammunition to unleash a deadly attack, said Adam Winkler, a law professor at University of California, Los Angeles, who is an expert in gun laws.

“The lesson here is that there is not necessarily some magic bullet that is going to stop these mass shootings, though I wish there were,” Mr. Winkler said.

More important, he said, is that people need to take threats made on social media more seriously.

“He was advertising to people that he was a threat; if more people had acted on it and reported it, it’s possible law enforcement would have acted differently,” Mr. Winkler said.

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Adam Winkler, a UCLA law professor and expert on gun laws, said that in general, a diagnosis of mental illness doesn't affect a person's right to own a gun in California unless it has been adjudicated by a court or the person has voluntarily checked into a mental facility.

"It's just not a surprise that someone with mental health problems would still be able to get a gun," Winkler said.

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Professor Winkler was also featured in segments on NBC News, CBS News, KCRW and KQED.

He participated in a gun control debate at UC Santa Cruz, which is featured in the Santa Cruz Sentinel.