Professor Winkler Comments in Multiple Media Outlets on Whether Isla Vista Shooting Could Have Been Prevented

June 2, 2014 -- Professor Adam Winkler commented on whether the Isla Vista shooting could have been prevented in multiple media outlets.

From the Los Angeles Times: Adam Winkler, a UCLA law professor and expert on gun laws, said that in general, a diagnosis of mental illness doesn't affect a person's right to own a gun in California unless it has been adjudicated by a court or the person has voluntarily checked into a mental facility.

"It's just not a surprise that someone with mental health problems would still be able to get a gun," Winkler said.

He is quoted in an NBC News article and appears on "NBC Nightly News" to discuss whether the police should look at social media accounts to assess a person's mental stability.

In an interview on KPCC-FM, he discussed whether the Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Department could have done more. Listen to the interview.

He also discussed the Second Amendment in an interview on the radio program "The Scholars' Circle" and gun regulation in a Slate interview, and talked about guns and mental illness on the radio show "Uprising."