UCLA Law Faculty Ranked Eighth for Scholarly Impact

June 17, 2014 -- The UCLA School of Law faculty was recently ranked eighth for scholarly impact in a listing on “Brian Leiter’s Law School Reports.” In addition to the faculty’s overall ranking, a number of individual law professors were recognized. The ranking evaluated the 10 most highly cited law faculty members, in 11 major areas of legal scholarship, from the period of 2009 through 2013. Professor Stephen Bainbridge was ranked third in Corporate Law/Securities Regulation with 1,010 citations; Professor Stuart Banner was ranked seventh in Legal History with 390 citations; Professor Lynn LoPucki was ranked seventh in Commercial Law with 420 citations; Professor Kal Raustiala was ranked eighth in International Law with 560 citations; and Professor Seana Shiffrin was ranked ninth in Law & Philosophy with 310 citations. Professor Russell Korobkin was also included as a highly cited scholar who works partially in Law & Social Science, with 760 citations.

For more information or to see the full listing, please visit “Brian Leiter’s Law School Reports.”