Professor Volokh Quoted in Articles about Ebola and Constitutionally Protected Free Speech

October 15, 2014 — Professor Eugene Volokh is quoted in various news articles including Business Insider and Yahoo! Finance about a man who shouted “I have Ebola” on a L.A. bus and whether his remarks are constitutionally protected free speech.

There's no reason to think the man actually has Ebola — it's extremely unlikely, as there have been no cases in California and the man would have had to recently been somewhere that actually has the virus.

But even so, joking about Ebola isn't going to be considered constitutionally protected free speech, according to UCLA law professor Eugene Volokh.

That's "because it's a knowing falsehood that has the potential to cause direct and substantial harm (seriously emotionally distressing fear of injury, the interference with daily activities caused by a quarantine, the cost needed to disinfect the bus, and so on)," he writes in the Post.

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