Professor Volokh Quoted in Multiple Media Outlets about Telecom Company and Terrorism Investigation

October 8, 2014 — Professor Eugene Volokh is quoted in Associated Press articles and in a Silicon Valley article about a telecommunications company in the San Francisco Bay Area that challenged a gag order imposed by the FBI as part of a terrorism investigation.

"If the government wants your help in a terrorism investigation, you do have to go along (with) it," University of California, Los Angeles law professor Eugene Volokh said. "But you can complain to the media. You can complain on your blog. You can complain to your congressman. But with these national security letters, you are barred from doing even that. That's an undue and substantial burden on speech."

Volokh represents the Internet Archive research library service and others who have received the letters. They have filed court papers urging the 9th Circuit to declare the letters unconstitutional.

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