Williams Institute's Research on Economic Impact of Same-Sex Marriage Featured in Multiple Media Outlets

October 17, 2014 – Numerous media outlets have reported on research by The Williams Institute which shows the economic impact of extending marriage to same-sex couples in various states.

Research was discussed in a NBC News article on the increase in same-sex marriages since the nation's high court struck down the Defense of Marriage Act in 2013:
Beyond that increase, new research from the Williams Institute estimated that same-sex wedding business in the 16 states affected by the recent court decisions over the next three years will generate $467 million in spending. That’s based on the number of gay couples already living in those states and not on assumptions about gay couples crossing state lines to wed.
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U.S. News & World Report also cited research:

Researchers at the Williams Institute study the economic impact same-sex marriage could have on states that lift their bans. Extension of marriage to the more than 9,000 unwed same-sex couples in North Carolina, for example, could generate an estimated $64.4 million in spending to the state economy over the course of three years, according to an October Williams Institute report.
Of this, $50.7 million would go toward the wedding alone. The Williams Institute researchers estimate that each same-sex couple would spend an average of $5,535 per wedding in the state.
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The Business Journal reported:

Putting a price on gay marriage is exactly what The Williams Institute at the UCLA School of Law is doing. In North Carolina, same-sex weddings and related spending will total $64.4 million over the next three years, with $41 million of that coming in the first year.

Those figures come from a study by the UCLA law school institute released this month. Researchers based the figures on an estimated 9,155 in-state same-sex couples getting married during the first three years of legalized gay marriage in North Carolina. They used 2010 Census data showing there are 18,309 same-sex couples in the state.

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