Professor Volokh Quoted in The Atlantic on Subpoenas in Houston

November  5, 2014 – Professor Eugene Volokh was quoted in The Atlantic about the city of Houston issuing subpoenas to five Houston pastors who opposed an ordinance allowing individuals to use the public bathrooms they felt most comfortable with based on their gender identification.

For example, a number of legal scholars came out against the subpoenas. As (Eugene) Volokh discussed in his coverage of the subpoenas for the Washington Post, the city had no legal ground to ask for such a vast number of documents with only tangential or no clear relevance to the case. He also noted that despite what some evangelicals were claiming, pastors’ sermons can in fact be subpoenaed in certain situations, but in this case, it was not clear how sermons that mentioned homosexuality were pertinent to a case about the validity of petition signatures.

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