Professors Comment in Al Jazeera America about Supreme Court Reviewing Health Care Reform Case

November 10, 2014 – Professors Allison Hoffman, Jill Horwitz and Russell Korobkin were quoted in an Al Jazeera America article about the Supreme Court deciding to review King v. Burwell, a health care reform case.

Professor Hoffman is quoted:

"There are major political overtones to the decision, added Korobkin’s colleague, law professor Allison Hoffman. “The fact that the court took this case in the very week that Republicans had a major win at the polls and the fact that they are taking the case at all when they did not have to suggest that it is possible that the court could be reaching to try to deliver a blow to the ACA,” she said.

Professor Horwitz is quoted:

“This case is not about nuanced judicial readings of a statute that expresses intent generated by a thoughtful Congressional debate,” said Jill Horwitz, a law professor and health care reform expert. “The people behind this case very much want to eliminate the exchanges and Obamacare. This case is only the last salvo in a war against the act. I think it is a cynical use of the courts.”

Professor Korobkin is quoted:

“If cert had been granted after there was a circuit split, then I think it would have been completely expected and legitimate,” said Russell Korobkin, a professor of health care law at the University of California, Los Angeles. “But the fact that cert was granted at this time does to me strongly suggest there are four justices who are more interested in killing the ACA than in any question of proper judicial etiquette.”

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