Kim Kessler’s radio show “Eating Matters” – Episode 13 aired on December 11th on Heritage Radio Network

December 11, 2014 – Kim Kessler, Policy and Special Programs Director of the Resnick Program for Food Law and Policy, aired the thirteenth episode of “Eating Matters,” on Heritage Radio Network titled “A Big Move in School Food.” In this episode, Kim welcomes Laura Benavidez of the Los Angeles Unified School District and Mark Izeman, of the NRDC New York Urban Program. To protect children’s health against bacteria with resistance to conventional medicines, six of the largest US school districts (including Laura’s district) have made the switch to antibiotic-free chicken. Kim asks Laura and Mark about the big switch, which is expected to take several years as contracts with food vendors expire and meat producers respond to the new standards. After the break, Dennis Dimick, editor of the food series at National Geographic, joins Kim for a discussion of the series and food issues occurring in the past year.

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