Professor Mnookin Comments on Use of Photoshop to Alter Photographic Evidence in NewsFactor Network Article

February 20, 2015 – Professor Jennifer Mnookin was quoted in a NewsFactor Network article on the modern day use of photoshop and the potential for photographic evidence to be manipulated.

"Photographs have had the potential to be manipulated, altered and faked from the very moment of their invention -- but there’s no question that tools like Adobe Photoshop [have] made photographic manipulation far more mainstream," Mnookin explained. "Photoshop [has] made it far easier for ordinary people to alter photographic images in both crude and sophisticated ways. At the same time, growing use by nonprofessionals of digital tools like Adobe [Photoshop] made the fact that photographs were subject to potential fakery far more widely recognized and understood -- though not necessarily easily detected."

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