Professor Arenella Comments on Admissibility of Comments by Robert Durst in Los Angeles Times Article

March 17, 2015 -- Professor Emeritus Peter Arenella commented on the admissibility in court of comments made by Robert Durst. Professor Arenella's comments appear in a Los Angeles Times article.

Peter Arenella, a UCLA law professor and a nationally recognized expert on criminal law, said Durst and his lawyers would have a hard time arguing he had an expectation of privacy because of the broad release he reportedly signed agreeing that his statements could be used in the film.

“I think it’s very likely it’ll end up before a jury,” said Arenella, who said he’d been following Durst and the documentary series with interest. “Once a jury hears the bathroom comments, if they hear it, that’s the death knell for Mr. Durst.”

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