Professor Volokh Comments on Overturned Ruling that Required YouTube to Take Down an Anti-Muslim Video in USA Today and San Jose Mercury News Articles

May 18, 2015 –Professor Eugene Volokh was quoted in a USA Today article covering how an appeals court recently overturned a controversial ruling that required YouTube to take down a video that disparaged Muslims. One of the actresses in the film sued to take it down and won, but an appeals court ruled Monday she didn't have the right to control the film's distribution.

"This is not a blasphemy case, this is not a fraud case, this is a copyright case — an extremely unusual copyright case," said Eugene Volokh, a law professor at UCLA who specializes in intellectual property issues.

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He also commented in a San Jose Mercury News article.

"This is a classic example of bad cases making bad law, in this case a very sympathetic actress who is duped into making a movie and gets a death threat, crying out for relief in getting the movie off the Internet search engines that allowed it to be viewed," said Neil Smith, a Silicon Valley copyright lawyer. "The fraud committed on her, unfortunately, didn't legally justify taking the movie ... from the Internet."

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